Hi, I'm Cory.

I make nifty websites.

Check em' out


Here are a few examples of some projects that I've worked on.

Dyddo (www.dyddo.com)

Dyddo is a website for internet challenges. Users can create challenges, participate, and even win prizes. I created the entire front end and worked on some of the backend.


Timely is a project application that I created. It is an application that makes it easier to keep track of current projects and tasks.

Pizza Split

Pizza Split is an application that I created utilizing PHP and MYSQL. This application is created to make group-ordering pizza easier. It calculates exactly how many slices each person should get (and the amount of change back) based on their contribution to the order. Users can login via email or Facebook as well.

Lilac Blossom Press (www.lilacblossompress.com)

I created this website for an independent book company for them to showcase their current and upcoming novels.


I designed "iHotel" to demonstrate my knowledge of adaptation to mobile websites.

Lamborghini Fan Page

I recreated the Lamborghini website to demonstrate my knowledge of basic HTML and CSS.

Love Ramen

This website was created to demonstrate basic knowledge of development for mobile web.

Shop Urban

This website was created to demonstrate basic knowledge of frameworks such as Bootstrap.